Scarpa Delta GTX Boots review

Best Hiking Boots – Scarpa Delta GTX Boots Review

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These boots are made for walking… 

Arrr, the Scarpa Delta GTX boots. I certainly put them through their paces. A whole load of paces in fact. Like hiking 3,500 miles using just two pairs. I’ll just let them take a little bow.

Blisters 0 – Jane 1

Yep, you read that right. Zero blisters. An achievement in itself, especially as I didn’t even break the second pair in. I loved ’em, but I did have one gripe.

Scarpa Delta GTX Boots review

Scarpa Delta GTX Boots Review – Comfort

OK. So I might have the world’s most awkward feet, or at least it feels like it.* After trying on 40 pairs of boots (Prince Charming and that glass slipper haven’t got a patch on me) I fitted into the Scarpa Delta GTX boots and I was not letting go. I replaced the insoles with a pair of gel heel lifts and Scholl sports gel insoles after developing plantar fasciitis. So when I say these boots are super comfy, I really mean it.
*Pain in the foot factors: I have a high arch, a slight bunion, plantar fasciitis, am an E width and have very difficult bloomin’ feet. Prince Charming would run a mile.

Scarpa Delta GTX Boots Review – Support

The Scarpa Delta GTX boots have fantastic ankle support. I would have rolled my ankle or fallen over so many times if this hadn’t been here. My feet felt snug throughout the entire boot but by no means claustrophobic or wedged in. They hold your heel in place, have good arch support and a rubber rand at the front. I bashed them against rocks, fence posts, walls, basically everything that I wasn’t supposed to, not in a fit of rage, but because I’m rather clumsy! The only damage was just a couple of scuffs on the outer leather. My tootsies were perfectly protected.

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Scarpa Delta GTX Boots Review – Soles / Grip
Scarpa Delta GTX Boots review
They went through a fair bit of snow…

The soles on the Scarpa Delta GTX boots are solid. Really solid. They use Vibram soles and they cling onto surfaces more than Boris Johnson clung onto that broken zipwire. The only time I fell over was when there was a severe snowstorm and that was down to my own clumsiness rather than the soles slipping. Both pairs of my Scarpa Delta GTX boots walked more than 1,700 miles, and although there wasn’t much grip left by then, there were certainly no holes in them and I never went flying. They were fine on metal grids, wet stones, snow, I even tested them on ice and remained upright, although I did walk on it at the speed of a snail in holiday mode.

Scarpa Delta GTX Boots Review – Waterproofing

Ah well, there has to be an Achilles’ heel somewhere. My first pair of Scarpa Delta GTX boots were insanely waterproof. But that was when I used them in SE England for about 100 miles prior to the start of the big hike in Scotland. They did me two weeks’ hiking and camping in Shetland before the front of them started to feel damp inside. I can’t say if it’s the Goretex that let them down or if the water came in through where the rubber sole meets the leather upper, but it happened on both pairs of boots. They were never soaking inside, but they were damp at the front. I guess the fact I was camping and never really able to dry them out at night might have contributed to this.

Scarpa Delta GTX Boots review
So don’t buy these thick SealSkinz socks, get the thin ones.

So how didn’t I get any blisters then? The magic ingredient to this hike was SealSkinz waterproof socks. They are an absolute godsend and should be made mandatory for all hikers. I went through 4 pairs of these gems during the 3,500 miles. I recommend the thinner version because the thicker ones don’t dry properly and smell worse than a dead skunk. (And you wondered why I did the hike solo.) In winter, just double-sock with a thin pair of merino socks inside the thinner SealSkinz waterproof socks. Happy days!

Scarpa Delta GTX Boots Review – Components

Calf leather upper, rubber rand, Goretex lining, Vibram soles. Crampon rating: B0 – not crampon compatible. As for the weight, they’re not light at 1.5kg per pair but they give far more support and are wider than the Scarpa Terra GTX boots. I never found them heavy or cumbersome but if you have Olive Oil legs, they might feel a bit on the heavy side.

**They also make the Scarpa Delta Leather version without Goretex, so make sure you get the pair you want.**

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Scarpa Delta GTX Boots Review – Care

You can wax them but I personally recommend the Scarpa HS12 silicone based hydro-stop cream. It was hands down better than anything else that I put on them. If the boots do get damp and you’re not camping, stuff them with newspaper and pop them near a radiator, but not too close because the heat can damage them. If you are camping, ah well, you’re made of stern stuff anyway! I put the Scarpa cream on when they were damp and it seemed to bead the water off fine. Just a pity the front of my Scarpa Delta boots got damp somehow.

Scarpa Delta GTX Boots review
At a loch in the Scottish Highlands.
Scarpa Delta GTX Boots Review – Longevity

What else do I need to say? Two pairs of the Scarpa Delta GTX boots got me 3,500 miles. That is testament to their longevity.

Scarpa Delta GTX Boots Review – Price

They’re not cheap. THE RRP is £219 but you can find them cheaper online. Check any sales that are on.

Scarpa Delta GTX Boots Review – Recommended?

Were the Scarpa Delta boots worth it? Paired with a pair of SealSkinz socks, most definitely. I was less foot sore after the hike than before it and my mad little bunion never once flared up. Comfortwise, I LOVED them!

The Technical Bits

Made for men and women in European sizes, from 37-48.
BD Last
A recently designed last, allowing for exceptional foot-hold with enough volume for plenty of cushioning.
Vibram Biometric
The new Vibram Biometric sole unit is lightweight yet extremely sturdy, anatomically designed for increased comfort.
Activ Fit Sock Liner
Scarpa’s developed moulded sock liner, providing the best comfort and support.
Heel Tension System
Offers great stability and adaptability to stress from steep climbs and descents.
Ankle Padding
A special memory foam padding that further improves the ability of self-moulding of the rear part of the upper. Very light and breathable, it keeps its dynamic memory, so it recovers its original shape after every use.
Autofit Collar
Ensures the maximum adaptability and comfort of the upper, resisting the impact stress on the Achilles and malleous area.
Allows a wider and more natural movement of the foot.

Jane Batchelor hiked 3,500 miles through Britain, wearing her trusty Scarpa Delta boots. And she was one happy camper. (OK, maybe not when having to pitch and pack up her tent every day!)

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  • Amazing review Jane and you covered every point there. Nobody can argue with the technical facts after a hike like that. Almost enough to make me give up my favourite Asolo Tribe GTX boots…but not quite 😉

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