Travel, hike, camp collage

What’s all this about? Glad you asked. What do you get if you mix great hiking tips, routes, unusual travel destinations and damn honest kit reviews, all with a healthy dose of humour?

A bloomin’ long question? Erm, yes. But you also get this blog, Yes Jane Can. All the posts are written by me, Jane, a self-confessed travel junkie. The addiction kicked in two decades ago; back when a digital nomad was a Mongolian goat herder with a Casio watch. Since then I’ve been wandering the world and walking to the beat of my own drum.

In 2017 I spent

a year hiking
   a year in a tent
      a year attached to a hiking buggy
         and a year eating far too many Super Noodles

on my 3,500-mile solo hike through British history. You see, I do things a bit differently, it’s just how I roll. Especially when there’s a hiking buggy attached to me.

So this blog is packed full of smart advice, tips and ideas picked up over the years. It combines my three main loves; solo travelling, hiking and writing. (My fourth love, chocolate, is stashed in my backpack.)

In Yes Jane Can you’ll find:

Hiking tips and camping hacks
Hiking routes
Travel destinations
Humorous Feature stories
Kit reviews
And absolutely no fish-face pouts or a make-up smothered face (mud-smeared, yes)

Come and join the journey.

Watch the 1-minute video of my year-long hike.